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The Missing Tech Puzzle


Main Expertise
Projects & Gallery
Lead R&D for AVC
Developing special algorithm to determine vehicle class
Developing Tol RFID
Developing and design RFID Tol system for Philipine and Myanmar
Development of Embedded System based on Linux & Microcontroller
Involved in various type of Research and Development inlcuding software (VB,C,C#,Python,JS,node etc), electronics circuit including drone, military projects and mentoring university students for ther projects.
Full time involvement in IOT sectors
"Internet of things". Thats is the term that most of the people heard nowadays. But we had develop it since 2001. The things that we develop including electrical usage monitoring (kWH), factory, special development and many more.
Becoming "THE" "Solution Provider" for IOT
We gracefull make a bold stance to move forward to make sure there are no business that were left behind especially in the "Industrial 4.0" wave. We provide affordable business model for product development coupled together with old and new system integration. Align with the slogan "The Missing Tech Puzzle", we provide competetive development design and product ranges that will open more collaboration with another company. This is "Flame Tech & Services" and we are here to STAY!

Research & Development

  • Web protocol duplication
  • Electronic signal tapping
  • Reverse Engineering

Full Systems
  • Web App
  • External System with Backend
  • Mesh Sensors System

  • Custom PCB
  • Duplication Obsellete PCB
  • Existing PCB enhancement

End To End
  • Combination From Sensors to Web
  • Embedded Systems
  • Cloud Computing Solutions

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Coding & Automation

Embed System
  • Linux SBC coding
  • Microcontroller Coding
  • Any sensors/arduino/arm/PIC coding and configurations

Web Tech
  • Web programming
  • Web app development
  • Backend Management

  • Web scrapper
  • Sensors Input Automation
  • Conditional Task Automation

  • Generic custom driver programming
  • Micro services programming
  • Firmware Programming

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System Integration

Complete Integration
  • System to System
  • System to Sensors
  • Sensors to Sensors

  • New System API
  • Existing API integrations
  • Translational API (machine to machine)

Custom Integration
  • Pitch Us the Idea, and we will comeout with the proposal in 3 working days

  • Consolidate data from multiple sensors nodes.
  • Preprocess the data (edge computing)
  • Machine learning

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Training & Skill Development

  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Automation
  • Mobile Computing Simplification

Code Management
  • GIT, SVN
  • Local/Cloud Backup

  • Train student with according to the industry demand
  • Coding & Prototyping

Machine Learning
  • Neural Network Training
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Using : Python, OpenCV and many more

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Custom Development

  • Got interesting idea? Pitch to us.
  • We will give brief proposal in 3 working days
  • PLUS: 1 hour FREE discussion fee for new customer

  • Solution exist in the market and you want to copy it?
  • We will give brief proposal in 3 working days
  • PLUS: 1 hour FREE discussion fee for new customer

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We are moving to the new office.
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